Thursday, June 27, 2013

Geometry: Finding Distance, and Applying Coordinate Geometry to Quadrilaterals

Pg 10. Finding the Distance



This is a foldable that I wrote as a template.

Pg 11. Rectangle Analysis

FAVORITE: This is an individual project that we paced ourselves through as a class.

GEOGEBRA: We used Geogebra to graph a rectangle. This required students to be able to enter in two sets of parallel lines perpendicular to adjacent sides. Each student was required to create their own individual rectangle (no two projects were alike). This required some thinking and reworking. Once graphed, printed, and pasted, students had to justify that the shape is a rectangle. On page one, they listed the equations, intersections/ordered pairs, slopes, y-intercepts, and the parallel/perpendicular relationships.

We discussed the other critical attributes needed to justify the rectangle; they came up with midsegments and lengths of each side.

I tried my best to focus on notation, and I wish that we had written a final summary justifying the rectangle. Writing is an important component on math.

This kind of activity allows students to collaborate without copying another's work. They see multiple rectangles and help others troubleshoot.