Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Geometry: Types of Lines and Relationships

Pg. 7. Lines, Line Segments, and Rules

Original Foldable: Pocket Book

This foldable takes a looooonnnnggg time to complete. I suggest finding another strategy. Suggestions?

QUICK CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDINGS: Book foldables may be time consuming, but they can be reusable. I had my students pull out all cards from the books, mix them up, and match them back to the correct pocket. It is easier to have them compare to a neighbor and monitor their results closely. I really like the disscussions that arise from who's right and wrong.

QUICK AND EASY: 'Types of Lines' foldable:




Haven't figured out how to work parallel into this.

This is one of my favorites. I had a student struggling with this concept at Sylvan. We created this foldable in under two minutes, had a one to two minute reteach, and she mastered the concept. She still has this in her folder and enjoys teaching other students that struggle.

This is paired with another trifold foldable in my journal.


Pg. 8. Relationships of Segments and Distance


Pg. 9. Segment Bisector (this is a trifold)