Friday, June 28, 2013


I LOVE CONSTRUCTIONS! I plan on teaching them as an ongoing concept.

Last summer, I was introduced to them at a workshop. I was never taught constructions when I was in high school or college. This was brand new. I went home and completed a detailed step by step and guideline for myself. I will share this. If it doesn't make since or you have another way or constructive criticism, please let me know. I did teach some this past year and the experience went really well. The students loved them and it helped build a stronger connection and understanding amoung the fundamental concepts of Geometry.


I begin constructions with a diagram and a few 'rules' or guidelines for myself and my students.

I couldn't tell you how I folded and glued these ten pages togther, but this is the coolest document that I think I've ever done. It is front and back and about 9 feet long.

One side is my initial attempt and additional practice. The other side is my detailed steps and constructions. I hope that these make sense, and if not, you can find a lot of great videos on youtube!









This last one is a confusing combination of my discovery and the presenter's approach. I always knew that SSA was not a postulate/theorem of triangle congruency. How? "Because you don't say ASS in class!" is what my high school teacher told me. It wasn't until my third year of teaching that I figured it out. I actually learned this through Khan Academy and of course put it to paper. The way the presenter approached it, you would never have a problem with the 'a-word' in class, but I couldn't tell you what or how she said it.