Monday, June 10, 2013

Domain and Range Revised!!!!!!

Due to experience throughout the year, I need to revise my Domain and Range to reflect the more hands on approach that we developed.

This is not what I would call a definable foldable, but an interactive tool used to find domain and range. My original was more of a way to view and define domain and range. If you compare the two I think that you will discover my meaning.

I am going to show you the finished tool and how I used this to find domain and range.

Finished product:

The left and right flaps are used to create the boundaries for domain.

It's hard to demonstrate with photos. This is a very demonstrative and interactive activity that I do as the kids do.

The bottom and top flaps are used to create boundaries for range.

This really helped them understand and see a true maximum and not focus solely on the endpoints.

Now if you have an arrow on the end of a graph indicating an infinite domain or range; I tell my students that this cannot be boxed in and this means infinity.

We discuss discrete and continuous and the types of ways domain and range is written before we do this activity.

We glued multiple graphs in the form of a flip book (instead of post-its, glue lasts longer) so that this foldable became a reusable manipulative in the classroom.