Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Geometry: Undefined Terms, Basic Definitions, and Intersections

Pg. 3. Undefined Terms (Point, Line, Plane):

OR (from year two, printable template)

This is a foldable template I pulled from a Dinah Zikes book.

Pg. 4. Ms. Haley's Example:

I worked a guided example which I had the students copy. Their assignment was to create their own diagram and complete a set of fill in the blank sentences.

NEW IDEA: In a recent workshop, the presenter gave a suggestion: The homework we send home should have students working what they learned in that day's lesson backwards or undoing the process. For example, I gave them a diagram that they identified points, lines, and planes. Then for homework I should provide them with the complete sentences and the student tries to create a diagram that satisfied the statements. I think this would have been a neat way to see the different diagrams and level of creative thinking that each student is working at.


Pg. 5. Basic Terms and Definitions: (Not a real big fan of this page... I'm looking to improve it.)

Improved look:

Pg. 6. Basic Intersections:


Above images were copied and pasted from CSCOPE curriculum.

Another look:
New and Improved look:
When I create a foldable, I am always thinking about how a student will see, study, and use it. Is the foldable defining a concept or to be used a review tool? This usually helps me determine the placement/order of vocabulary, definitions, and diagrams.