Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Geometry: Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry

For my third year, I began with an in depth discussion over the types of Geometry. We had a few debates and lots of illustrations and demonstrations. I couldn't believe how engaging these discussions were and how useful an old basketball could be!

Then we dove into the foundations of Euclidean geometry. Next year, I plan on teaching constructions as a continually developing concept through each unit. I love the vocabulary development that results from these experiences. Constructions became a hands-on collaborative activity for my classes.

I will try to post my Geometry Journal ideas and experiences in the chronological order that I use. I will be sharing differing foldables and information from about three different journals-year two experience, year three experience, and the 'creating an idea' journal.

Pg. 1. Foundations of Geometry: (This is the Unit 1 I have been creating for next year. Information has been pulled from the CSCOPE curriculum mostly. Some have been pulled from older journals.)

Unit Pocket (yes, it is backwards)

Pg. 2. Geometry - "To measure the earth" (These are foldables-mainly half folds, that are glued on a sheet of construction paper folded in half. I use the half fold book alot.)


My students came up with the real world example for the Non-Euclidean Geometry, and we celebrated with Pringles the next day!

Pg. 3. Structure of Euclidean Geometry

OR (the original from year two)

pg 1

pg 2