Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What happened??!?!?

"What happened?" is the question that just seems to resonate in my brain. My Algebra 1 kids bombed their test. I had such high expectations. All I want to do is cry....

A few tears later...

Alright, I will figure this out and we will come back stronger and better.

Game plan:

  1. I gridded student responses (right/wrong) against names.
  2. We have tutorials 7:30 am to 8 am and 3:35 pm to 4 pm. Starting tomorrow afternoon, I will have students that missed certain questions attend tutorials on a certain day. Example: All students that missed number one will attend morning tutorials Thursday. A revised question will be a half credit towards the original test grade.
  3. I plan on the students completing an in depth revision for each question by identifying properties, writing explanations, and justifying their solution. I use the Cornell notes systems as a guide for organizing the process.
  4. During class I will give what I call quiz strips. These consist of two to three problems. I create two to three sets of differing questions. Purpose: Students cannot cheat, but they can collaborate and teach each other about the concept.
  5. I will administer accumulative quizzes. These quizzes focus on several concepts at once with a few questions.
  6. We will retest. This method of repetitive practice and accumulation has proven true with my juniors in Algebra 2. There's not a function that they cannot transform or a transformation they cannot read. They love transformations of functions.
  7. OVERALL: I am focusing on my level of questioning. I have several versions of Bloom's Taxonomy printed and posted around my classroom to help prompt and remind me of the higher level of vocabulary to use.

Looking for...

I am looking for strategies in Algebra 1 to build fluency in the foundational skills. Game ideas, practice methods, anything???