Saturday, February 2, 2013

Unit Pockets

I have tried the table of contents in the past and failed. I have discovered a different method that works as we work.

I start each unit with what I call a "unit pocket". At the end of each unit I collect the journals and quickly grade them while the students test. I count these as a major grade (test grade). This is meant to help support the students and it adds value to the journal.

The unit pocket has the name of the unit on the front and is a place where students can store their assignments and the unit test.

I have seen some journals use tabs to divide units, but tabs wear and tear and eventually fall off. I have found that these pockets are naturally easy to find by the way the paper wears. For my teacher journal I use a piece of duct tape towards the bottom to also provide a quick reference.

Steps to make a pocket:

  1. Take a new page, turn the page to your left.
  2. Take the top left corner and fold down to the spine.
  3. Place a thin line of glue ONLY along the bottom and up the left side (short strip).
  4. Turn the page back to the right, the folded piece will stay in place at the spine, and smooth.