Monday, February 4, 2013

All you need is....

All you is...

  • Composition book- I prefer these because they last longer and have the feel and appearance of a book. It is easier to encourage the students not to tear out the pages
  • Blank paper-this is what I use for my classes, it's cheap and I can purchase in bulk
  • Scissors-I teach high school and found that the smaller scissors the less time spent in their hands
  • Liquid glue- lasts longer, holders better, and cheaper. I buy glue by the gallons and store it in a rinsed out detergent bottle with the thumb press dispenser to make for a quick refill station.
  • Pencil-it is a math class, and this is to deter messy mistakes and scratch outs. (I also have giant erasers in the supply baskets, "for big mistakes" and for the students that never have an eraser.)

Now, this is just the basics. You can fluff a journal with decorations, colored paper, and markers. I have a student that has fully outfitted her journal in duct tape decor and takes it home each night to write over her notes in color as a study technique.