Friday, August 2, 2013

Geometry: Non-Central Angles, Interior and Exterior Angles, and Secant and Tangent Relationships of Circles

Pg 5. Non-Central Angles (Need to rethink the title now that I think about it.)

This page consists of a half page fold of two pages glued together with four half page folds on each page. This entire page is pulled from the CSCOPE curriculum and tweaked just a bit.

First, we completed a page/lesson using paper folding and making conclusion based on what we know. When complete, the students would make a conclusion based on the evidence. We wrote that on the front off that page. After we completed all four pages, we went to the front and wrote three summarizing conclusions. I think it went pretty well and soundly build and understanding.

First section:

Left side:

I drew up a general diagram for the following three pages. We then completed the lesson with the same diagrams.

Right side:

Second Section:

Left side:

Right side:


Pg 6. Circles, Lines, and Angles

I want to find a better way to present and organize the following two pages. My students understood, but it didn't make a lasting impact.




Pg 7. Secant and Tangent Relationships