Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Tool for Finding Slope & Slope Scrabble

Before our test, I decided to review finding slope with the two methods we had studied.

1. Counting Slope on a Graph

2. Slope Formula

Several of my Geometry students used a method earlier in the year that I thought Algebra 1 might appreciate.

  • Positive: rise over run
  • Negative: fall over crawl


We also discussed the staircase within a staircase.

Then we moved over to the slope formula. We also discussed the relationship between coordinate values and slope values of horizontal and vertical lines.


SLOPE SCRABBLE! Not as exciting as it sounds right now. We tried this but it was difficult to get the idea across to my students.

They had an excellent time finding slope for all of the problems cards I gave them. I even set up a table with all the solutions laid out so that they could match them.

The idea of slope scrabble is to begin at the origin and, using slope, make your way to the far blue dot in the corner to win. All of the other dots are things like double your slope, draw again, etc. There was some success with my students that have to patience to solve puzzles. Other students wanted to match slope again.

My students have an excellent understanding of slope.

I just wish I could troubleshoot the process and get this game going for them.