Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Place to Put Their Pencil

What do you do for that kid that never keeps up with a pencil?

All you need is a milkshake (jumbo) straw and some tape.
Jumbo Straw and Duct Tape


  1. Cut the straw in half.
  2. Fold over about a quarter inch of the end of the straw and wrap a small piece of tape around the end. (Reason: The pencil doesn't touch tape at the bottom because the end is folded over.)
  3.  Tape it down to the inside left cover of the composition book close to the spine. (Experience: Use tape and not staples. Staples through the cover will reap havoc on your hands. I have scars.) 

Pencil Holder
Advice: Place the pencil holder close to the spine and the less likely it is that the pencil flies out when the student closes their journal.