Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kindergarten? No, I Teach High School Math!

Ok, so, funny story. My students love telling this one to newbies. We were running out of glue. (I store glue in a detergent bottle with one of those neat little spouts that make refilling glue pretty easy. However, from experience, I would invest into one of those hand pumps that screw onto the Elmer's gallon of glue. Much easier.)


I went to Office Depot and grabbed my usual bottle of glue and snagged 12 packages of giant white construction paper on clearance for $1.64 each. Awesome find!

I am checking out and the cashier stares at my selection and says, "Man, you do a lot in kindergarten."

Awkward pause. I reply, "I teach high school math."

His eyes widen and he then calls me "Bizarre."

Not the first time I have been called this. I just smile and say thank you!