Friday, November 29, 2013

M.I.A for how long? And what for?

I've been told that I have a very limited attention span, but there are times when I will dedicate hours to a specific activity.

Who knows!?

One reason for my absence is PUPPIES. My beautiful golden red retriever had puppies. This is a blessed event to behold. Watching their eyes open, their first steps, and every new experience. She had nine puppies, all lived, and all found wonderful homes including the runt (I kept the beautiful little fart!). Her name is Penny Blossom. Yes, her name is from the Big Bang Theory.

Penny was cute and cuddly one morning.
Our first visit to the vet. Penny is on the left. And I love the puppy's face to the right. Her name was Vanilla Ella and she was a quirky puppy. We nicknamed them to tell them apart and for the vet. We had Chuncky Monkey, Rocky, Cocoa, Bernie, Cooper, Penny, Vanilla Bean, Blonde Baby 1, and Blonde Baby 2. So much fun!!

What a crazy eight weeks!

I have also been asked to head up U.I.L. Academics this year. This is where students compete academically across the state of Texas. Of course, I want to make the most of it!

The competition is held in the spring. I have some ideas on how to get students more involved. After last year's spring competition, I had many students upset because they didn't know what it was and wanted to participate. This year is going to be different.

We are hosting what I'm calling a Campus Competition. We spent several weeks practicing. I required every student to select two or more events to participate in. Technically, everything I ask of them is a choice-academic fun day or beautify campus day.

Our academic fun day will consist of Uil events, movie marathon, and concession stand.

No, it has not been easy. You always have those terribly negative kiddos. However, I continually remind myself that the focus of the campus competition is to broaden the awareness of Uil Academics. I do have some positive results already. Students that would have never given Uil Academics a second thought are practicing and studying on their own time! They are proud of what they have done and are confident in placing.

I'm psyched! We have some bright and talented students. Our campus competition will be held December 4th. I hope all goes as planned!